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On 21st September, the signing ceremony of Amer Nanchuan electronic information industrial park project was grand held in Wudu Hotel in Chongqing. Executive vice mayor of Chongqing Weng Jieming, deputy secretary general of municipal government Zhang Zhikui,  secretary of Nanchuan district committee Li Mingqing, warden Cao Qingrao, etc, and the chairman of Amer International Group Wang Wenyin, executive chairman Xiang Hong, chairman of investment committee Jiang Daoxiang, etc, were presented in the ceremony. Chairman Wang and Cao Qingrao represented the two sides and signed in the investment agreement.


      Through previous investigation, communication and negotiation, Amer decided to invest and construct Nanchuan electronic information industrial park project. The project will be divided into two stages, one is copper processing and cable, another is electronic information including precision copper foil and advanced copper-clad plate.


      Wang Wenyin and Li Mingqing were full of confidence for the future of Amer Nanchuan electronic information industrial park and Nanchuan district.